Time to Modernize Military Compensation

A ten-member BENS Task Force offers perspectives and recommendations on how the Department of Defense can reform the military compensation and benefits system to maintain the ideal 21st century fighting force. Click here to read more

Bringing Attention to Cybersecurity

BENS once again spotlights the importance of cybersecurity at the NASDAQ. Click here to read more

BENS Honors Ray Kelly & Reg Brack

BENS awards their 2014 Eisenhower Award to former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and former CEO of Time Inc. Reg Brack. The honorees were recognized in front of a crowd of over 400 industry and national security leaders on October 8th in New York. To view more, click here

BENS Visits Minot Air Force Base

BENS President and CEO General Norty Schwartz led a delegation of BENS members to Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to assess the status of personnel and equipment assigned to our strategic nuclear forces. Click here to read more

Task Force Presents in Texas

The Task Force on Domestic Security Structures and Processes met with BENS members in Austin and Dallas to present and discuss the project on domestic intelligence. Click here to learn more

BENS Spotlight


The Evolving Terrorist Threat 

Terrorism in the United States has proven to be a dynamic and evolving threat since the attacks over a decade ago. Extremist groups in the Middle East and North Africa continue to have us on alert, but the capacity of al-Qaeda or likeminded organizations orchestrating another major attack on the scale of 9/11 has been reduced. Instead, the threat has become more diffuse and decentralized. Attacks at Fort Hood and Boston, attempted attacks in New York City, and a growing number of westerners traveling to Syria are indicative of a terrorist threat that is increasingly characterized by homegrown violent extremists and self-inspired radicals. By examining whether U.S. domestic counterterrorism structures and processes have kept pace with these evolving threats, BENS can help construct a more integrated and collaborative domestic security enterprise. It is clear that as threats continue to adapt, so too must our nation’s domestic counterterrorism efforts.

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