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Founded in 1982 by business executive and entrepreneur Stanley A. Weiss, nonpartisan and non-profit Business Executives for National Security (BENS) supports the U.S. government by applying best business practice solutions to its most difficult national security problems.

For more than thirty years, BENS has served as the primary channel through which senior American business leaders contribute special experience and talent to help build a more secure nation. With regional offices across the country and from our headquarters in Washington, D.C., our membership has earned the trust and respect of leaders in government.

BENS’ early work focused extensively on U.S.-Soviet threat reduction initiatives and on widespread inefficiencies in support functions in the Department of Defense (DoD). These activities ultimately saved DoD billions of dollars. After championing base realignment and closure, BENS worked to find and develop opportunities at the affected bases. We have widened our focus over the last decade to encompass a range of new threats that challenge American security. In recent years we also have broadened our government partnerships to include: the Departments of State, Treasury, Home­land Security, including FEMA and the Secret Service, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the CIA. BENS does work with all of the combatant commands.

BENS believes that the defining strengths of the American private sector – ingenuity, innovation, and efficiency – should be applied to our nation’s security by working with government partners to develop creative, new approaches to deal with the challenges we face today.

BENS members engage with government partners in a myriad of ways, including conversations with national security leaders; first-hand national and international experiences with key military and civilian personnel on the ground; work with government partners to impact policy solutions to selected national security challenges; and continuing influence by pressing for implementation of BENS policy solutions over the long-term.

Now in our fourth decade, the BENS membership continues to represent a broad range of industry sectors and political views. We remain united by a commitment to apply, thoughtfully, best business practices to find solutions to government’s most challenging problems.

 Business leaders in action. Results for America.

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BENS National Office
1030 15th Street NW
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Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: (202) 296-2125 | Fax: (202) 296-2490
Email: bens@bens.org

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