Washington, D.C. Metro

Washington DC Metro Regional members represent a diverse business community from a variety of sectors and organizations of varying sizes.

Because of the proximity to BENS headquarters, BENS DC Metro Regional Members can mobilize behind BENS programs and initiatives, often seeing the results unfold in government agencies. The metro region includes Washington DC proper, Northern Virginia, Maryland (including the Baltimore-Washington corridor and Annapolis) and the Hampton Roads region in Virginia. Events, programming and initiatives happen throughout the entire region.

BENS DC Metro Region Members:

    • Tap into a rich network of like-minded individuals -- connected; interested; engaged – who are invested in various aspects of national security and truly want to create a better quality of life for the nation;
    • Gain on-the-ground intel that you can’t get anywhere else from BENS roundtables, trips and programs;
    • Actively make a difference in national security programs;
    • Engage in timely discussions around key issues and examine potential policy solutions;
    • Be personally engaged and witness a direct impact your expertise can have on national security;
    • Directly impact national security by interacting with high-level government and military officials seeking input and expertise. 

Our members are actively engaged in programs and initiatives, providing real opportunities for members to engage in shaping responsible national security programs. Our members support the BENS mission to make a difference in national security.

New members provide information on their areas of expertise and interest areas in a Skills & Expertise Member Intake meeting, are linked with appropriate BENS policy staff and are immediately engaged in regional activities. They are listed in the DC Regional Update and begin receiving this members-only regional update, in addition to the BENS National Update.


BENS offers three levels of programs:

    • Those open to the entire business community and government representatives;
    • BENS Members-only trips, roundtables and other events;
    • BENS Members Invite-Only events.

To view a list of upcoming events, click here. To see past BENS DC Regional events, click here.

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