For over a decade BENS sought to establish a presence in Texas to take advantage of the state’s patriotic businessman and critical industries. With five of the 19 most populous cities in the country, numerous bases and several critical industries including energy, chemical and defense, Texas plays a critical role in the nation’s security and was a coveted area for BENS participation. After several previous attempts to establish a foothold including a 2004 Eisenhower Award Dinner in Dallas to honor Ross Perot, Sr., BENS Texas was successfully established in January 2007. Starting with a core group of about ten members in three cities, BENS has grown to almost 90 members and has established a presence in all four major Texas metropolitan areas over the past five years. 

BENS Texas grew quickly in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex before expanding in earnest in 2009 into Houston, the energy capital of the world, and home to critical energy and chemical industries. In 2010, BENS expanded into Austin, home to numerous high tech industries and in 2011 into San Antonio, home to a major military medical center and several very large military bases. In 2011, a Deputy Regional Director was brought onboard in Houston responsible primarily for our Houston membership but also to assist throughout the state.

Today, there is a significant BENS presence in all four metropolitan areas and events are being held in all four metropolitan areas. The membership growth trend should result in over 100 members in 2012.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or joining BENS Texas.

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