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Ray Kelly & Reg Brack

BENS was pleased to award their 2014 Eisenhower Award to former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and former CEO of Time Inc. Reginald (Reg) Brack. The honorees were recognized on October 8th to a crowd of over 400 industry and national security leaders at BENS’ annual fall awards dinner held in New York City.

Commissioner Kelly was recognized for leading New York’s Police Department where he established the first Counterterrorism Bureau of any municipal police department in the country while also building the Department’s Intelligence Bureau. His work to counter the threats of terrorism has become a model for police forces and homeland defense agencies around the world. Commissioner Kelly’s recognition comes as BENS prepares to release a major report in 2015 on combating domestic terrorism.

Meanwhile, Mr. Brack, who still serves as chairman emeritus of Time Inc., has played a key role in preserving an informed society throughout his four decades in publishing. The Eisenhower Award honors outstanding Americans whose contributions reflect President Eisenhower’s definition of security as, “…the total product of our economic, intellectual, moral and military strength.” As CEO of Time Inc., Mr. Brack informed tens of millions of people weekly with global brands that maintained the highest levels of journalistic integrity, including the corporation’s flagship magazine, TIME.

The Eisenhower Award Dinner in New York proved to be another banner event for BENS and included further recognition for Staff Sergeant Mike Malarsie, a US Air Force veteran who was blinded by an IED attack while serving in Afghanistan. Sergeant Malarsie gave a powerful speech on overcoming limitations that was widely regarded as the highlight of the evening.

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Admiral William McRaven & the Honorable Mike Rogers

In the spring, BENS honored Admiral William H. McRaven, Commander of the United States Special Operations Command and the Honorable Michael “Mike” Rogers, Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. These two men were recognized for their innovative approach to our national security challenges and the integral parts they have played in recent years in guiding our intelligence and operations community. 

BENS members and special guests celebrated the contributions made by the two distinguished leaders at the 2014 spring Eisenhower Award Dinner in Washington, DC on May 13th. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers was on hand and spoke at length about the two men's accomplishments. The evening ended on a poignant high note when General Norty Schwartz, President and CEO of BENS, reunited for the first time an Air Force pilot whose plane went down during a 2011 military operation in Libya and the Marines who rescued him. The reunion reminded guests of the incredible sacrifice and bravery displayed by the men and women who wear the uniform.

A full video of both ceremonies is available here. To view a transcript of remarks made by The Honorable Mike Rogers, click here. To view a transcript of remarks made by Admiral William H. McRaven, click here

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The BENS Eisenhower Award was first presented in 1986 on the 25th Anniversary of President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address. Both public servants and private citizens have been selected by members of the BENS Board of Directors to receive the Award. Past recipients have included President Jimmy Carter; Secretaries of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Condoleezza Rice; Secretaries of Defense Robert Gates, William Perry, and William Cohen; Senators Richard Lugar, Sam Nunn, Carl Levin, John McCain and John Warner; Generals David Petraeus, James Jones, John Abizaid, and Michael Hayden, as well as business leaders Thomas Watson, Jr., Tom Peters, Norm Augustine, Denis Bovin, Mary and David Boies, Fred Smith, Robert Rubin, Joe Regent, Josh Weston, Chuck Boydand John Whitehead, among others.


Below are a selection of photos from past BENS Eisenhower Award Dinners.

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