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Lt. Gen. John Campbell

June 27, 2019 | Houston, TX
Join us for a discussion on UAV/UAS deployment, technology, and tactics with Lt. Gen. John Campbell, USAF (Ret.).


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BENS builds teams of members with the skills and expertise needed to meet our government partners' objectives and deliver results.

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Build the National Security Bench

BENS CEO Norty Schwartz and BENS Director Tom Stephenson on how inability to fulfill key positions threatens our national security.

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San Antonio, TX
Discussion on Iran, Russia, and China's role in the Venezuela Crisis with the Center for a Secure Free Society's Joseph Humire.


Washington, D.C.
Discussion with Robert Cardillo, former Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.


New York, NY
Discussion and analysis of the FY2020 Defense Department budget request with Travis Sharp, research fellow at CSBA.

How We Work

We work to deliver results through varied methods, including round table discussions, red teaming, and focused working groups.

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21st Century Workforce

Recruiting and sustaining a talented workforce is critical to tackling 21st century challenges, including safeguarding national and homeland security.

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The private sector involvement and engagement is critical in addressing threats posed by foreign adversaries and malicious actors.

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Defense Reform

BENS has been asked to assist those at the Department of Defense tasked with various acquisition and management-related reform work streams.

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Addiction to Debt

BENS CEO Norty Schwartz and BENS member Todd Stein on one of the nation's most significant security concerns, the country's addiction to debt.

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Going BRAC-less

BENS CEO Norty Schwartz and BENS Director Kenneth Fisher on steps for addressing the US military’s excess property.

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US Facing Innovator's Dilemma

BENS CEO Norty Schwartz on how the U.S. can overcome the innovator’s dilemma in its relationship with China.

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Reforming CFIUS

BENS CEO Norty Schwartz and BENS member Ivan Schlager offer steps for modernizing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

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