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Tour of Emory's Veterans Program

May 17, 2017 | Atlanta, GA
Join BENS Southeast for a very special luncheon and tour of Emory's Veterans Program at the Emory Brain Health Center.


Current Project

Networked Security

To complement government efforts in combating today's evolving and decentralized domestic threats, BENS releases a new paper calling for a more integrated, networked approach to public safety.

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Pentagon Efficiency

BENS President & CEO Norty Schwartz and Vice Chairman Denis Bovin call on defense leaders and policy makers to prioritize efficiencies and effectiveness within the Pentagon.

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Atlanta, GA
Lunch and Discussion with Dennis Lockhart, former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.


Houston, TX
Lunch and Discussion with Scott Aaronson of the Edison Electric Institute on the Threat and Vulnerabilities of the US Power Grids.


Chicago, IL
Lunch and Discussion with Brigadier General Brian Winski, USA, Director of Army Operations, Readiness, and Mobilization.

Acquiring Innovation

Helping to streamline and improve the defense acquisition process, BENS is ensuring the U.S. military has access to the innovative processes and technologies they need.

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Cyber in Business School

BENS is partnering with U.S. Cyber Command to help make cybersecurity issues more accessible to Masters of Business Administration students throughout the nation.

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Managing Real Property

BENS partnered with the Department of Homeland Security to assist in their review of real property, both nationally and locally.

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Public-Private Partnerships for the 21st Century

BENS is hosting a series of engagements to identify best practices for building, operationalizing, and sustaining mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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Implementing a Shared Services Strategy is No Simple Task

It should come as no surprise that the federal government, particularly those agencies that make up the security community, want to adopt a shared services strategy.

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Prioritize Speed At The Department Of Defense

Remember that time is money. In his oft repeated aphorism Benjamin Franklin reminds his reader that the proper management of time is directly related to success.

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Transforming Defense Acquisition

Three decades ago, The Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management published A Quest for Excellence, its seminal study of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) organization and management processes.

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A Quick Fix for the U.S. ‘Icebreaker Gap’

New U.S. icebreakers, the ships that “pave” sea lanes in the frigid polar regions, may soon be on the way. Last fall President Obama accelerated plans to buy at least one heavy icebreaker, moving the target from 2022 up to 2020.

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