With a history of supporting the U.S. government by applying best business practice solutions to its most difficult national security problems, BENS is helping address one of today's most complex national security challenges: cybersecurity threats. Partners from across the government have called on our members to consult and advise on a wide range of projects and initiatives in this area. Examples include:

  • Internet Governance: BENS has worked with a range of government, nonprofit, and private sector stakeholders on recent and upcoming changes in Internet governance structures, focusing on issues like stability and security.
  • Cybersecurity Insurance: In recognition that a mature cybersecurity insurance market has the potential to reduce sectoral risk and drive adoption of more efficient enterprise risk management practices, BENS is convening relevant officials and subject matter experts to help inform important policy questions in this area.
  • Public-Private Cooperation: Working with U.S. government entities at home and abroad, BENS members are consulting on how to form meaningful structures, processes, and tools for public-private cooperation on cybersecurity matters.
  • Senior Leadership Education: In tandem with our work with government, BENS members work with and advise their peers—other senior executives and corporate board members—in order to spread knowledge and expertise about how to manage cyber risk.

The focal point within BENS for these projects is our Cyber & Tech Council (C&TC), a standing group of over 100 BENS members with expertise and interest in cybersecurity, technology, and innovation policy issues. The C&TC works with and advises partners across the U.S. government, with particular emphasis on the national security community, on emerging issues in these areas. Consistent with BENS’ mandate, the group seeks to bring private sector-derived insights to government in order to champion efficient, creative, and forward-thinking policies.

Cyber in Business School

With a goal of advancing discussions on cybersecurity concerns and identifying key lessons for future business leaders, BENS initiated a series to inform graduate-level cyber security education by convening members, academics, and government officials. The group identified potential topics, teaching modules, and formats for business-relevant cyber education. Cyberspace, with its promise of innovation, prosperity, and connectivity, also presents a series of national security challenges that must be managed cooperatively by both our public and private sectors. As future business leaders who will be directly impacted by cyber threats, graduate business students need to begin to think about how they may assume a more proactive role in working with their government counterparts to manage and respond to these challenges.


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