Eisenhower Award Dinner

To a crowd of over 800 industry and national security leaders in midtown New York, Business Executives for National Security (BENS) on October 17th paid tribute to the men and women of the nation’s domestic security enterprise. From local police officers and fire fighters, to those in the Department of Homeland Security and the private sector who provide the expertise and tools domestic security professionals need to keep the nation safe, combating today’s domestic threats requires partnership and cooperation at all levels of government and industry.

Illustrating the complex mosaic that is the nation’s domestic security enterprise were former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Motorola Solutions Chairman and CEO, Greg Brown; and White House Chief of Staff, retired Marine Corps General John Kelly. Kelly, who served as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security until July, provided remarks via video.

All three leaders spoke on the importance of partnership and how the combination of state and local public safety officials, the private sector, and those in the federal government have worked together to make the nation more secure.

Focusing on their leadership, Bruce Mosler, Chairman of Global Brokerage at Cushman & Wakefield Inc., described Bloomberg, Brown, and Kelly as, “men with vision … men with dedication to service…men with the readiness to put everything else in their lives on hold for service and country.” Mosler’s term as Chairman of BENS Board of Directors concluded the following day, with Norman Chambers, Executive Chairman of the Board at NCI Building Systems, taking the gavel.

The Eisenhower Award Dinner annually recognizes outstanding public servants and private citizens whose contributions reflect President Dwight Eisenhower’s definition of security as, “…the total product of our economic, intellectual, moral and military strength.” Recent honorees include Texas Ranger's Principal Owner, Ray C. Davis and Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford. Dunford, in the spring, accepted the Eisenhower Award on behalf of all those serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Past recipients of the Eisenhower Award include, among others, President Jimmy Carter; Secretaries of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Condoleezza Rice; Secretaries of Defense Leon Panetta, Robert Gates, William Perry, and William Cohen; Senators Richard Lugar, Sam Nunn, Carl Levin, John McCain and John Warner; Generals Joseph Dunford, John Abizaid, Chuck Boyd and Michael Hayden; Admirals William McRaven, James Stavridis, and Eric Olson; and business leaders Jeff Bezos, Kevin Plank, Norm Augustine, Raphael Benaroya, Denis Bovin, Mary and David Boies, Fred Smith, Robert Rubin, Maurice Greenberg, Josh Weston, and Stanley Weiss.

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