Energy security remains a vital component of national security and military capability, and is why BENS has been active in this area for the last several years. Led by the BENS Energy Council, BENS has already provided insight on fuel management, grid security and the impact new energy sources will have on the world.

Selected work includes:

Finding Efficiencies in the Business of Defense: Reducing Fuel Cost for the Defense Logistics Agency, an assessment of measures that reduce the Defense Logistics Agency's fuel procurement, storage and transportation costs. Written at the request of then DLA Director, Vice Admiral Mark Harnitchek. Further work complementing this report occurred in 2016. Contact Brian Collins for more on BENS' follow-on DLA efforts.

Power the Fight: Capturing Smart Microgrid Potential for DoD Installation Energy Security, a seminal report on improving energy security on domestic military installations. Written with the support of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment, Power the Fight guides the Department toward cost-effective development of smart microgrid technology that ensures electricity critical to military operations is available at all times.


Made up of over thirty members, the BENS Energy Council is a concerted group of BENS members with expertise and interest in improving American energy security through proactive education, evaluation, and recommendation of federal government energy policies related to procurement, consumption, expenditure, production, and reliability. They serve as the energy policy leaders within the membership.

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