Improving Installation Energy Security

View "Power the Fight: Capturing Smart Microgrid Potential for DoD Installation Energy Security" here.

BENS has produced a report on improving energy security on domestic military installations. Written with the support of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment, Power the Fight: Capturing Smart Microgrid Potential for DoD Installation Energy Security guides the Department toward cost-effective development of smart microgrid technology that ensure electricity critical to military operations is available at all times. Domestic military installations are vital to homeland defense and global missions, and with 99% of installations nationwide dependent on a vulnerable commercial electric grid, it is essential that the Department continue to evaluate and implement energy security solutions that withstand loss of power from natural disasters, malicious attack, or unexpected disruption.

More than 40 BENS members and energy security experts contributed to the report which specifically examines various business models for owning, operating, and financing smart microgrids. It also assesses the major non-technical impediments to broad smart microgrid development, provides insight into the appropriate size and scope of installation microgrids, and recommends steps for efficient and effective energy security development. As the Department and other stakeholders pursue new energy security measures over the next decade, with investments projected in the billions, the BENS report provides the direction needed for a proficient, economic, and secure energy strategy.

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