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BENS projects tend to focus on issues of national security that can benefit from best practices that have been proven in the private sector. These issues typically address evolving threats, create greater efficiency within defense and security agencies, and/or improve the security community's operational effectiveness.

Issues Include:


The vast majority of the nation's cyber infrastructure resides in the private sector, thus public-private partnerships are key to defeating cyber threats. Our members have been called upon to bring business expertise to the government in the cyber arena.

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Business of Defense & National Security

Helping improve business operations of the Department of Defense (DoD) and other security agencies has become a cornerstone of BENS. DoD alone oversees hundreds of billions of dollars of annual procurement, overhead and infrastructure costs.

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Public-Private Partnerships

Well before the tragic events of September 11, 2001, or Hurricane Katrina in 2005, BENS conceptualized public-private partnerships as key structures that can strengthen a region's capacity to prepare for and respond to catastrophic events.

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Domestic Security

As the domestic threat landscape continues to evolve, so too must our national ability to manage and interdict these threats.

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Energy security remains a vital component of national security and military capability, and is why BENS has been active in this area for the last several years. Led by the BENS Energy Council, BENS has already provided insight on fuel management and grid security.

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Talent Management

The private sector has been evolving its talent management practices at a near revolutionary rate and many lessons learned are of value to the Navy.

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Threat Networks

Threat networks today are loose groupings of criminals, terrorists, insurgents, and their supporters and facilitators, who blend together to present an array of security risks.

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Weapons Non-Proliferation

At its founding, BENS championed the Cooperative Threat Reduction program that funded the disposal of Russian nuclear weapons. Since 1991, U.S. government programs have targeted the greatest potential source of weapons of mass destruction: the unsecured stockpiles of the former Soviet Union.

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BRAC & Base-Reuse

BENS played a major role in developing the process for closing obsolete military bases, freeing up billions of dollars in savings and allowing local communities to put unneeded military facilities to more productive use.

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