Talent Management

In an effort to assist with the Navy’s plans to assess and adjust its human resources enterprise, BENS was approached in 2015 by the U.S. Navy's Chief of Naval Operations to specifically provide guidance and insight into modernizing personnel and learning systems to recruit, maintain, and cultivate talented Americans. The private sector has been evolving its talent management practices at a near revolutionary rate and many lessons learned are of value to the Navy.

As evidenced in BENS' concluding report, BENS was positioned to assist the Navy in validating and implementing the changes the Navy already determined valuable, as well as identify possible new types of reform. Among other ways, the partnership with the Navy played to BENS' strengths in educating influential opinion leaders in the necessity for talent management evolution. BENS members were also able to provide individual professional counsel to Navy leaders across a number of functional areas - from data analytics to change management.

Click on the cover to read BENS' full report.

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