Weapons Non-Proliferation

At its founding, BENS championed the Cooperative Threat Reduction program that funded the disposal of Russian nuclear weapons. Since 1991, U.S. government programs have targeted the greatest potential source of weapons of mass destruction: the vast and largely unsecured stockpiles of the former Soviet Union. For less than a penny on the defense dollar, American programs secure and destroy those weapons, ensuring they can never fall into the hands of terrorists. But surprisingly, these cost-effective national security efforts struggle under bureaucratic restrictions and funding shortfalls that hold back their full potential. BENS has a long history of working tirelessly to both highlight the "business sense" such programs make and supporting business-style reforms that streamline and maximize their efforts.

BENS actively supports the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program, one of America's best frontline defenses against WMD terrorism. In addition to securing scores of weapons storage sites, CTR has deactivated or destroyed nearly 7,000 nuclear warheads and hundreds of missiles, bombers and submarines which once threatened the United States.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Atomic Anarchy: The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on Trial, a seminal report culminating early BENS work in nuclear non-proliferation.
  • BENS was the key non-governmental organization in marshaling the support of retired military senior officers and former government officials to urge the Senate to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention.
  • Nunn-Lugar: New Solutions for Today's Nuclear Threats, a BENS Special Report on the successes of the 1991 legislation and its subsequent weapons elimination program.

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