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Eisenhower Award Dinner

April 5, 2018 | Washington, DC
Honoring the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva, and Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, Chuck Robbins.


Recent Project

Beyond Flashpoints

Five recommendations to incentivize, communicate, and manage interactions between law enforcement and local business communities.

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US Facing Innovator's Dilemma

Retired General Norty Schwartz discusses how the U.S. can overcome the innovator’s dilemma in its relationship with China.

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Washington, DC
Luncheon Roundtable with Dr. Ralph D. Semmel, Director of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.


Chicago, IL
Luncheon Roundtable with Riki Ellison, Founder & Chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance.



Dallas, TX
Lunch with General Carter Ham, USA (Ret.).

Acquiring Innovation

Helping to streamline and improve the defense acquisition process, BENS is ensuring the U.S. military has access to the innovative processes and technologies they need.

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Cyber in Business School

BENS partnered with U.S. Cyber Command to help make cybersecurity issues more accessible to Masters of Business Administration students throughout the nation.

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Managing Real Property

BENS partnered with the Department of Homeland Security to assist in their review of real property, both nationally and locally.

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Public-Private Partnerships for the 21st Century

BENS is hosting a series of engagements to identify best practices for building, operationalizing, and sustaining mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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Reforming CFIUS

Retired General Norty Schwartz and Ivan Schlager offer steps for modernizing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

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Getting Ahead of the Enemy’s Next Move

Lasers, drones, and artificial intelligence. The future is bright for brilliant minds working together to engineer the next game-changing wave of military technology.

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Public Safety Entrepreneurship

U.S. security agencies will be better positioned by embracing a process of continual improvement and encouraging a more entrepreneurial approach to public safety.

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Pentagon Efficiency to the forefront

Archaic and inefficient, the Defense Department's processes used to acquire and manage resources have ultimately become counterproductive in supporting the military’s warfighting mission.

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