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In this space we will highlight short conversations of 10-15 minutes each by General Joseph Votel. Speakers will include leading BENS members and experts in the topics driving trends in national security, American foreign policy, U.S. resilience, and issues with which the membership is engaging. New episodes will debut 1-2 times per month and will be featured in the Executive Brief newsletter, our website, and social media. You can find the podcast at the popular streaming platforms below.

Dr. Suzet McKinney


ep.4: Suzet McKinney

General Votel interviews BENS Chicago member Dr. Suzet McKinney, Principal and Director of Life Sciences for commercial real estate developer Sterling Bay. In this role, McKinney helps create urban campus labs and research environments optimized for quality of life. She shares perspectives from her work as a former public health official and educator who literally wrote the book about emergency response (Public Health Emergency Preparedness: A Practical Approach for the Real World.) Votel and McKinney discuss lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic response, decompressing the health care system in Illinois through alternative care facilities, and the intersection of national security and commercial real estate.

Nate Morris, Rubicon

ep. 3: Nate Morris

General Votel speaks with Nate Morris, founder and CEO of Rubicon, a software company focused on waste and recycling. The conversation highlights the innovative approach Morris and his company have used to disrupt the waste management industry, the national security implications of tech hardware disposal, and Morris’s efforts to promote education and entrepreneurism in the state of Kentucky.

Raj Shah, Resilience

 ep. 2: Raj Shah

General Votel interviews California member Raj Shah, the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Resilience, which provides insurance and tools to help mid-market companies manage cybersecurity threats and recovery. The conversation explores Shah’s perspectives from the private and public sectors, his time at the helm of the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), and his experience as an Air Force F-16 pilot and reserve pilot.

Hank Greenberg

 ep. 1: Hank Greenberg

In the first episode, we mark the June 6 anniversary of D-Day as General Votel speaks with BENS Director and longtime member, Hank Greenberg. The conversation recalls Mr. Greenberg's experience as a young soldier at the D-Day landing, his career leading financial services firm C.V. Starr, and insights on business in Asia.


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