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5G: Resources for Business Adoption

5G is anticipated by some to revolutionize the world, and transform the way enterprises conduct business with as yet unimagined use cases. Its rollout is predicted to drastically increase efficiency, rationalize enterprise operations, and connect businesses to their customers like never before. Yet while many look forward to the introduction of 5G for the new potential it unlocks, fewer have devoted attention to the security considerations that should accompany its adoption. For as well as introducing new opportunities, the new technology’s added complexity will also bring with it new security challenges.

In recognition of this, the BENS Technology & Innovation Council conducted extensive research through a series of interviews with telecommunications and data experts to produce the 5G – Guide to Secure Adoption by Business. By engaging telecom service providers, standards agencies, and information security professionals, the Council comprehensively assessed the challenges 5G introduces and the appropriate methods for mitigating those challenges. In addition to the full guide, BENS has made its recommendations and the issues they address accessible through two easy-read one-page documents for quick reference. It is envisioned that by cultivating a culture of security mindedness toward 5G among businesses, the private sector can lead the way in engendering a more secure 5G network in the United States.

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