Virtual Event Best Practices

Participating in an upcoming Virtual BENS Event? Here are some best practices to help ensure a great, seamless experience.



  • Download and Install the Microsoft Teams App. You can also join via browser, however the Teams app allows for a richer experience.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection
  • Check your speakers and microphone are working properly. Using a Bluetooth headset? Make sure it is charged.




  • Have a question for the speaker? Let the moderator know by clicking the raise your hand button in the toolbar located at the top of your screen when utilizing the desktop app or toward the bottom of your window if joining through your browser. You can also use the chat/conversation button to indicate you have a question. The moderator will call on you at the appropriate time.

- OR -

  • Joining only by phone and have a question? When prompted by the moderator, press *6 to unmute your line and pose your question. Don’t forget to introduce yourself!
  • Keep questions succinct to provide time for other participants to ask questions.




BENS staff will mute all lines outside of the feature speaker until Q&A, at which point, guests will need to unmute themselves when asking a question or posing a comment. Privacy restrictions prevent staff from unmuting guests remotely.

  • To unmute using Teams, click the microphone button located toward the bottom of your screen.
    Quick Tip: Ctrl + Shift + M (or Command + Shift + M on a Mac) will mute and unmute.

  • To unmute on the phone, press *6.




  • Let us know how it went, particularly if there are things we could do differently to improve your experience in the future. Email your respective Regional Director or the full team at


Want more info on joining a Microsoft Teams meeting? Click here.

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