What They Say About BENS

"My interactions with BENS, an incredibly dedicated group of people who want to get it right for our national security. And actually to extend part of the discussion it is a way to be very connected to our country in ways that sometimes we may not think of. To those members of BENS who dedicate their time to our national security, I’m incredibly appreciative of what you do." 

- Admiral Michael Mullen, USN (Ret.), former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

“I don’t think there has ever been a time when BENS is more important.”
- General Richard Myers (Ret.), former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

[The BENS trip to Latvia was] “amongst the best examples of useful and practical, public-private collaboration I have ever seen.”
- Admiral James Stavridis, USN, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and Commander, U.S. European Command (EUCOM)

“On behalf of those of us in uniform, we feel very fortunate. I’ve known about BENS and been with different BENS groups for many years and it is an incredible organization. We benefit immensely, in the Armed Forces, from your existence. Thank you very much for what you do for the Armed Forces of the United States.”
- Lieutenant General William Caldwell, Commanding General, Combined Security Transition Command (Afghanistan)

“[Your] report has helped to elevate the profile and understanding of the In-Q-Tel program across the Intelligence Community and provided positive impetus for the continuing evolution of the program.”
- George Tenet, former Director of the CIA,referring to the BENS Independent Panel Assessing In-Q-Tel

“I commend BENS for…your commitment to improving the safety of all Americans. Your efforts demonstrate that we will never forget those we lost and the many men and women who work so hard to fight for our freedoms at home and throughout the world.”
- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg 

“The experts do not have all the answers. Washington does not have all the answers. We want and need ideas from the private sector and from citizens. And BENS is indispensable in that regard.”
- Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State

“Organizations like BENS are vitally important to us…every chance I get I talk to the business community.”
- Gordon England, former Deputy Secretary of Defense

“I am so appreciative to BENS for the stands that you are taking and the commitment of your members.... I am thankful that there are people like you who will teach guys like me how to spell ‘return on investment.’”
- Admiral Vern Clark, USN, (Ret.) former Chief of Naval Operations

“I also want to thank the BENS group. The work each of you does by supporting BENS helps government leaders solve tough national security problems and helps enhance American security. You are all patriots for your work….To all the members of BENS, keep up the good work…”
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

"...For many years I have believed that our business community, with its vast resources, must be available to assist our government in responding to disasters.... I appreciate the leadership that [BENS is] providing to businesses across the country which are involved in [this] important task.... ...The recommendations that you have developed are impressive."
- Former Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA)

“[BENS] has been a source of constant encouragement, inspiration and excellent new ideas for the continuing implementation of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.”
- Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

“The reservoir of talent and experience that [BENS] has…that you share with the administration, with Congress is very, very important.”
- Former Senator Chuck Hagel, (R-NE)

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