Our Work

BENS believes that the defining strengths of the American private sector – ingenuity, innovation, and efficiency – may be applied to our nation’s security, working with government partners, together we develop creative, new approaches to deal with the challenges our nation faces.

BENS carefully selects its policy work to focus on issues where business executives can provide unique, valuable expertise to assist government leaders in overcoming national security challenges. Whether initiated at the request of a government partner, at the suggestion of a BENS member, or through insight gathered from BENS policy staff research, BENS policy work does not end at recommendations; it strives for change, impact, and resolution of those challenges facing the communities.

Our Policy Agenda

BENS engages its members in a few narrowly defined projects every year, plus a number of policy development activities, in an effort to protect the American homeland, build a more efficient national security apparatus, and save taxpayer dollars.


In selecting suitable policy agenda issues BENS is guided by the following tenets:

  • We do not take positions on the size of the nation’s budget for national security, believing “more is not better, less is not better, only better is better”
  • We do not take positions on military strategies or specific weapons or national security systems selection, believing that these choices rest with the Administration and Congress

BENS’ Partners

  • As BENS has grown, so has its capability to extend the business model to all departments and agencies of the federal government that are involved in the nation’s security: Defense, State, Homeland Security, Treasury, the Intelligence Community, FBI, and others.

Connect With Us:

BENS National Office
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